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Join project ANMEcoin and be a part of getting our anime theme park!

About ANMEcoin

ANME is a cryptocurrency that represents anime, cosplay, games, and art. We're taking crypto to the next level with our AI artwork that's never been done before. Do you like our art? Feel free to submit your art in the Gallery section. Join our crypto community and lets take ANMEcoin to the top of the crypto world so we can take over. Our goal's are to eventually join with Crunchyroll and Funimation so when you want to buy anything from their site or app, you can use ANME to buy it. Our main goal however is to build an anime theme park.....we'll call it ANME Park! If you believe we can do this, come with us on this journey and lets make this happen!


How To Buy


Want the easiest way to sign up?


For those that already have funds on Polygon, and are used to defi on Uniswap

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A low fee route - total fees are less than $5, using a trusted site.


Very familiar, but fees can be $50+



Don't forget to check out our NFT's on Opensea!


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Don't forget to check out our NFT's on Opensea! Click here

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