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Join project ANMEcoin and be a part of getting our anime theme park!

About ANMEcoin

Welcome to ANMEcoin, your premier destination for all things Anime and the future hub of the Anime Theme Park experience in the USA.

At ANMEcoin, we're not just about digital currency; we're about bringing your favorite Anime worlds to life in the most immersive way possible. Our mission is simple yet groundbreaking: to establish ANME as the go-to currency for all Anime enthusiasts and to make the dream of an Anime Theme Park a reality.

Imagine stepping into a world where the vibrant streets of Tokyo from your favorite Anime series come to life, where you can wander through bustling markets, dine at themed cafes, and embark on thrilling adventures alongside beloved characters. This is the vision we're working towards - an unparalleled Anime Theme Park experience right here in the USA.

Through the power of blockchain technology, ANMEcoin offers a secure and decentralized platform for transactions within the Anime ecosystem. Every purchase made with ANME brings us one step closer to realizing our dream of creating a physical space where fans can immerse themselves in the magic of Anime like never before.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we strive to make ANME the currency of choice for Anime enthusiasts worldwide and transform the way we engage with our favorite stories. Together, let's build a future where the enchanting worlds of Anime aren't just confined to screens - they're living, breathing realities waiting to be explored. Welcome to ANMEcoin - where Anime meets innovation, and dreams take flight.


Welcome toANMEcoin

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Want the easiest way to sign up?


For those that already have funds on Polygon, and are used to defi on Uniswap

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A low fee route - total fees are less than $5, using a trusted site.


Very familiar, but fees can be $50+



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