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ANME Scroll
(White Paper)

Starting 2022 with a new cryptocurrency, less than 100 holders, a 10 Billion coin supply, and not to mention being a Dev Team of 4 currently. It’s Truly amazing we have a working crypto currency. All I am trying to say is that this coin started in one person’s mind as just a idea. However, we now have this coin for you to Purchase but its not the promise of rich’s for tomorrow, That’s not reality... We are offering you the chance to Become part of a community, a company, an idea to bring all Anime Fans together and build something great! Think of it as ownin
g a piece of the ANME Brand. The more work we all put in together to add to the utility of our crypto coin the more valuable It becomes and the bigger our investment grows. Besides 4 regular retail investors who have full time and jobs as well, we can not do what 100’s or 1,000’s maybe even millions of minds and skills working to together can. So, If you would like to Invest and add to the Dream go to How to Buy Currently we are working on a NFT Collection of real life Cosplay Fans. After we Drop our first set of NFT’s We would like to have Giveaways/Contests of NFT's/ANME. However in the future we could begin to talk about adding a DAO, A game, maybe even a swap one day. Join us now and bring Anime/Cosplay to the Crypto World.

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