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Swap on MetaMask

First things first, if you haven't yet, get your Metamask from Then once you've done that and followed the instructions, get your Metamask on the Polygon Network. Is it your first time? Check out our guide Setting up MetaMask with Polygon Guide

1. Buy MATIC in your Metamask while on Polygon Network

2. Follow the picture guides below!

If the previous step doesn't work, bridge it to Polygon on the Narni bridge (~$10)

On a desktop computer use the browser your MetaMask extension is installed on.

On a phone, use the browser IN your Metamask. To access that browser, open up the menu on your MetaMask, click 'Browser', then enter the URL in the 'Search of Type URL' field.

You can also check out our Guide

Picture guide 

Make sure MetaMask is on Polygon, and In MetaMask hit 'Swap'


Hit Select a Token, and enter either ANME or our Polygon Contract Address: 



Hit 'Get Quotes'

Then 'Swipe to Swap'. It'll cost you < $1 in fees. 

You now own ANME! 

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